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Film (Feature) Non-Union Job
31st Jul 2024
“Homemade Love” follows a former plus size model and activist, Katie. Katie has a very dysfunctional relationship with her family and has tried to avoid them over the years despite their attempts to reconcile. After losing her job over a bad business decision, Katie decides to become a social media influencer. She starts to film daily blogs about h...
Female Only 21 - 40 White
Promotional Video Shoot
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Non-Union Job Los Angeles County
We are looking for six actors and actresses for two short promotional videos advertising a new coffee blended flavor. Audition will entail how this blended flavored coffee is prepared and served from the kitchen to the table. The actors and actresses will act as one big family having a coffee breakfast.
Breakfast Video Shoot
21 - 45

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