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Film (Short / Student) Oxfordshire
31st May 2024
Finding talent for an original story, "The Seize Production states: "Notice: Applicants who are shortlisted may be required to record an audition based on part of the script. Also, this is a small personal project, not a commercial one. Please learn more before applying to save time. Story introduction: A man on his daily drive to work. Howe...
Male Only 30 - 60 Asian - Pakistani White
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
6th May 2024
Casting a comedy/spoof rap music video. 5x performers 2x actors. Comedy / dance experience ideal. Happy to wear larger costumes / heavy makeup. A commercial for a natural deodorant where the performers will be a part of a comedy/parody music video. Will need to have dance/physical acting experience, be able to pick up choreography and have a go...
Film (Short / Student) Glasgow City
6th May 2024
Casting a short film. A woman in her 20s who is authentically Glaswegian and also lives in the city. Shoots June in Glasgow.
Glaswegian Woman
Female Only 18 - 29
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
6th May 2024
Social media job for an LED mask brand. Bridal special, must have good skin and on top of fee the model will receive a day of beauty treatments. Casting Details: We would love to see your gallery of images, please make sure that they are a recent representation of you. One day / London / £500
Female Only 28 - 42
Corporate Greater Manchester
1st May 2024
Casting roles for medical role play.
Medical Role Players
Female Only 45 - 55 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Corporate Greater London
26th Apr 2024
I am casting four actors for a 2 day corporate office based shoot. Must be London based. Looking for diverse representation. Usage is internal only e-learning module.
Corporate Employee
Female Only 40 - 60
Corporate Employee
Male Only 27 - 34
Corporate Employee
Female Only 21 - 30
Corporate Employee
Male Only 21 - 30
The Ultimate Boybands Party Show are looking for strong POP vocalists with bags of banter and the moves to match! We are heading out on our third UK tour this autumn and visiting some incredible venues with audiences of up to 2000 people. We also have various events and festivals over the summer. We would love to see (hear) your singing show...
Boyband Members
Male Only 21 - 35
3rd May 2024
Casting Elderly Asian Indian female actors in online medical roleplay exams. Must have a working laptop and a good internet connection. Work is remote and done from your home
60+ year old Asian/Indian
Female Only 60+ Asian - Indian Asian - Pakistani Asian - Bangladeshi
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
23rd Apr 2024
A fun, fast paced, high energy script here! Classic WATTS stylie! Everyone must be able to ride a bike confidently and ideally rides regularly even if just for leisure. Our male serious cyclist needs to be very experience a regular road cyclist or spin class type so please comment! Production Location: Belgrade, Serbia Shortlisted Actors w...
28th Apr 2024
Casting Call - seeking four performers for a new immersive production, aimed at families with children aged 6 to 11. The production will be part of the official opening of their brand-new venue in Wembley Park. At its heart, this production explores themes of storytelling, the power of family bonds, and the strength of community. CASTING PRO...
Male Character
Male Only 55 - 60
Female Character
Female Only 30 - 40
23rd Apr 2024
Casting Call - We are currently casting for the below roles for our production of "The Wizard of Oz" this Christmas at The Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne. Dorothy Scarecrow Tin-man Witch of The West Glinda the Good Fairy Shortlisted actors will be asked to self-tape / zoom audition.
Female Roles
Female Only 18+
Male Roles
Male Only 18+
18th May 2024
Casting ''Zog,'' an immersive experience, for Warwick Castle Resort. Logline: Exploring the turrets of Princess Pearl’s Tower or unleashing the Legend of the Trebuchet as Britain’s biggest siege machine.
Sir Gadabout
Male Only 18+
Female Only 16 - 25
1st May 2024
We are having to re-cast this role, please resubmit. Casting Call "The Windrush Warriors," a play. This is an exciting and groundbreaking comedy drama production that is a successful theatre show with previous performances at The Contact Theatre and 53:Two Theatre in Manchester. The Windrush scandal and all its attendant hypocrisy is expose...
Robbie, The White Rasta Caretaker
Male Only 35 - 55 White
Hobgoblin Theatre Company is looking for a number of actors to complete their company for the 2024/2025 tour of Primary Schools. The contract is from the start of Sept 2024 to mid July 2025 and is Mon-Fri term time. We particularly welcome submissions from actors who can drive. Actors MUST be based in South London or Surrey as all rehearsals are ba...
18 - 35
26th May 2024
Casting Call - Child Actor - For a Sony Pictures children's animation series - A high-octane 11-minute, animated, comedy-adventure preschool series, featuring aspirational characters with super heroic action and lots of heart. Talent will record from home or from a recording studio local to talent. Casting Details: Please submit your latest s...
Female Only 6 - 10
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
30th Apr 2024
Seeking a variety of skin conditions for a famous beauty brand. Specifically searching for girls & boys (over 16,) and men & women (under 70) who have to live with a skin condition such as eczema, pigment spots, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, Keloid scars etc.
23rd Apr 2024
Voiceover casting - Seeking a male voiceover for a branded film for a food manufacturer. To be recorded remotely. Artist to have their own equipment/home studio setup. Please only apply if you have a voicereel. Short-listed actors will be requested to self-tape
Male Voiceover
Male Only 18+
30th Apr 2024
Seeking a voiceover artist for a 90 seconds tap advert. To be considered please provide a recent voicereel Records remotely using home studio.
Female Voiceover
Female Only 18+
Other Greater London
29th Apr 2024
We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming episode of the 'London Street Games project!' If you're available for a few hours during the week of April 29th and you're based in London, we'd love to consider you for one of two exciting games we're filming. Plus, these games will be broadcast across the Komi Group platforms, reaching an audience of 96 m...
Theatre Greater London
25th Apr 2024
Hi all. Looking forward to your suggestions for these roles. A lovely gig, part of the Camden Fringe, performing at Upstairs At The Gatehouse. Casting "GO! The Musical": The show tells the “messy” bit of Exodus. Moses has given up his succession to the Egyptian throne to rescue the slaves from Pharaoh, his ‘mother’, but out in the desert the reb...
Male Only 18+
Female Only 18+
Female Only 18+
Male Only 18+

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