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26th Jul 2024
We need people with skills in juggling and plate spinning to play contestants auditioning in a talent show. Location: Stratford-upon-Avon General filming hours are 07:00-19:00, so please expect you may working for any and all hours between this time, and allow plenty of time for travel. This is a period drama, please ensure you fit the f...
Role Play South Yorkshire
30th Sep 2024
We are looking for actors with experience in Medical Roleplay to be apart of our Medical Roleplay team this September.
Medical Roleplay - Sheffield
Male Only 30 - 40 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Film (Feature) West Midlands
26th Jul 2024
Written and directed by BAFTA nominated d/Deaf director Ted Evans, RETREAT is one of the first British Sign Language features of its kind – with a leading & ensemble cast of deaf actors. Retreat is backed by BBC Film & BFI. Synopsis: Having removed themselves from hearing society, a deaf community is under threat when one of the members starts t...
Security Guard
Female Only 30 - 40 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Security Guard (Local Dayplayer)
Male Only 40 - 50 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Film (Short / Student) Greater London
25th Jul 2024
After suffering a brutal racist assault, Kai is interviewed by two Police Detectives who seem uninterested in helping him, while trying to get back his clothes. This is inspired by true events.
Male Only 18 - 25
Film (Feature) Greater London
1st Aug 2024
Sending out once more in case we have missed anyone We are casting for Housefull 5 - It's a comic, fun filled, roller coaster ride We will be casting from showreels, please only submit if you have a showreel.
Old Rich Man
Male Only 65 - 75 White
Glamorous Woman
Female Only 25 - 35 White
Housekeeping Guy
Male Only 30 - 35 White
Old Woman (with dentures)
Female Only 65 - 75 White
Staff Member
Male Only 28 - 35 White
Male Only 30 - 35 Asian - Pakistani Asian - Indian
News Reporter 1
Male Only 30 - 35 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
News Reporter 2
Female Only 30 - 35 White
News Reporter 3
Male Only 30 - 35 Asian - Indian Asian - Pakistani
News Reporter 4
Female Only 30 - 35 Asian - Chinese Asian - Other
News Reporter 5
Male Only 30 - 35 White
News Reporter - Store Room TV News
Female Only 35 - 38 White
News Reporter 6
Female Only 30 - 35 Indigenous Peoples Mixed - Other
Other Greater Manchester
9th Aug 2024
We are excited to announce auditions for our upcoming Dark Skies series, a collection of smaller production short films that explore the depths of darkness and mystery. This series offers a unique opportunity for actors to showcase their talent in intense and compelling narratives. Our auditioning will take place in South Manchester on September th...
Female Only 40 - 45
Female Only 20 - 25
Male Only 40 - 45
Strange Woman
Female Only 35 - 60
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Norfolk
26th Jul 2024
Producing a short, fun and informative series of online videos for a client in the pub space. We're looking to poke fun at how pints are poured badly across lots of establishments around the country, before finally showing how to achieve that most hallowed of things: The Perfect Pint.
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Bristol City
26th Aug 2024
We are casting Actors / Models for A photoshoot for Grainger, portraying the living experiences and use of amenities in their homes. Please submit your image gallery for consideration.
Other Greater London
5th Aug 2024
Casting and seeking crew for ''Harry and Marv,'' a "Home Alone"-style an entertainment duo for Moo and Goo.
Male Only 18+ White
Male Only 18+
Film (Short / Student) Greater London
19th Aug 2024
The project is a very dark comedy (Advisory: contains references to suicide). We’re a Writer/Producer/Director team (all seasoned industry professionals) making a short film that's a teaser/proof-of-concept to help drive forward a multi-award-winning feature script. Feature Logline: A gothy teenage girl and her suicidal neighbour have till dawn...
Female Only 14 - 20 White Latino / Hispanic Mixed - Other
2nd Aug 2024
Do you have limited mobility, are a wheelchair user or find getting into and out of your vehicle a struggle? Then we need you! We are making a TV advert for a range of mobility devices that fit to your vehicle to give you freedom and independence. We are looking for actors from all walks of life who might find these products a benefit. You wi...
Corporate Greater London
31st Jul 2024
Casting a short film. This short, scripted drama shows a father and daughter navigating an eating disorder. The narrative film is for a mental health organization. To be used in a training course, the film will show what this mental health condition looks like in a family and the best way to approach it. Casting Process: Please submit your pr...
Female Only 16 - 24
Male Only 30 - 55
18th Aug 2024
Casting various people (Walk On and Extras) for a 1960s period drama filming in The West Midlands and Cotswolds area. CASTING DETAILS: We will be casting from your experience and image gallery, please make sure that you have recent images on your profile.Selected talent will be invited to a pre-screen.
31st Jul 2024
Trans Actor Required for the character of 'No-Name Jones' in new musical. No-Name is laid back, funny and 14 years old (played by 25-55 year old). (website being built as we speak!) West End and Off-West End, dates this year and next year. Understudy this year, then role in Feb for 2025. Thanks, Mark
In order to provide Maidstone the best Christmas pantomime we are on the search for our next Prince Charming! If you : - can act, dance, perform and sing to a professional standard - are 18+ and have a playing age of 25 - 40 - you are available from 18th November - 31st December and have the physical and mental stamina to commit to up to 60 p...
Prince Charming
Male Only 25 - 40
Film (Short / Student) Hertfordshire
31st Jul 2024
Must speak native French. Claude is a strict, authoritative, white middle aged man who entertains his daughters boyfriends marriage proposal. Please submit a self tape to be considered. Shooting this Friday 19th July in St Albans. Thanks!
Male Only 40 - 70 White
31st Jul 2024
I'm looking for a model for some lifestyle shots for a product video. The video shoot should take place within the next week or two in London, and the talent will be required for approximately 2 hours. Many thanks. We are casting from your image gallery and so please ensure that you have your recent images available.
Lifestyle Model
28 - 100
Theatre West Yorkshire
30th Aug 2024
Seeking talent for the school touring production of ''What Went Down,'' a 25 minutes play, and a 25 minutes workshop, for a theatre in education production. Accommodation, you will have your own room in a house or flat; and transport in tour areas provided throughout provided via a team vehicle, including weekends. Note: Self catering. We wou...
Female Only 21 - 30
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
4th Aug 2024
We are casting actors for a social campaign for a charity highlighting the early signs of domestic abuse. Please include your Showreel for consideration or a short video introduction.
Actor 1 - F20
Female Only 21 - 27
Actor 1b - M20
Male Only 21 - 27
Actor 2 - F40
Female Only 39 - 49
Actor 3 - F30
Female Only 30 - 39 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Actor 4 - F40
Female Only 40 - 49 White Latino / Hispanic
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater Manchester
16th Aug 2024
We are casting for 3 short in-stream adverts for the GMCA about how easy it is to recycle from home in Greater Manchester. We are shooting on the 6th, 7th & 8th of August. Each role will be needed for just one day, but we haven't set what order we are shooting the adverts in, so please let me know your availability, in your cover letter, when yo...
Female Only 70+
Male Only 70+
Male Only 10 - 15
Male Only 13 - 15
Female Only 30 - 45
Male Only 30 - 45

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