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Commercial (TV, Online, Still)
29th May 2024
We are looking internationally for female TWINS 18-25y for a commercial with for a Streaming channel It's a story about the Twins while training sports, having some challenges, in best case would be great if they can play soccer, but we are looking for any Twins also. They should very unique and charismatic young actors or talents. They need...
Real Life TWINS
Female Only 18 - 25
Commercial (TV, Online, Still)
26th May 2024
These roles are doubles only, but are required to play tennis. We will be requesting selftapes, that MUST have Tennis footage. Selftape requests will go out before the weekend & will be due back Tuesday 28th May. Shooting in the UK - Location tbc
Jannik Sinner
Male Only 18 - 30 White
Carlos Alcaraz
Male Only 18 - 26 Latino / Hispanic White
Daniil Medvedev
Male Only 18 - 29 White
Commercial (TV, Online, Still)
27th May 2024
This project is to advertise a drug that is indicated for patients with type 2 diabetes & chronic kidney disease, which is defined not only by blood work, but by a specific BMI standard. This is why we require a specific BMI range for the roles. Our Husband role is Secondary to an already cast wife role. He is in the spot very clearly but our...
Male Only 40 - 57
40 - 55
Seeking actors for the 2024-25 education tour for the TIE Theatre. Pickles by EITC is an innovative theatre-in-education company that promotes the English language in secondary schools through performing plays and providing workshops for pupils.
20 - 30
Other Greater Manchester
27th May 2024
**MUST BE AVAILABLE IN MANCHESTER -can't cover travel expenses** Casting social content for a well-known client featuring kitchenware for summer BBQs etc. The videos will be used on TikTok. The videos need to look like UGC so they will be interactive but they will be filmed by a camera crew. If you are a real family/group of friends or you ar...
28th May 2024
We are seeking an actor for an internal training film commissioned by a global bank. This film follows ADAM, who is struggling with his mental health due to multiple pressures in his professional and personal life. We see his interactions (meetings, video calls, etc.) with his colleague GRACE, his boss JEFF, his direct report PETE, and his wife...
Male Only 45 - 55
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
27th May 2024
Hi, posting on here in case anyone is interested and fits the brief. We are not looking for models for this, but rather people who have some attitude and confidence (and who are happy with receiving a hair change - colour and cut). Great photographer and hair care brand with amazing stylists. *** PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING...
Group 1
Female Only 18 - 30
Group 2
Male Only 18 - 30
Group 3
Female Only 35 - 54 White Latino / Hispanic
Commercial (TV, Online, Still)
26th May 2024
Casting 13 artists for a new villa company TVC. All artists must hold a valid passport and be comfortable swimming and comfortable working in the sun. CASTING DETAILS: Candidates must submit a showreel for consideration Shoots 17-20 June (one shoot day, two travel days) in Algarve, Portugal.
Female Only 35 - 45
Male Only 35 - 45
Female Only 8 - 12
Male Only 8 - 12
Friends x 8
45 - 55
Male Only 30 - 40
31st May 2024
Casting Call for a highly skilled performer to play the role of Claire (aka Little Red Riding Hood) for Little Red Riding Could. The show continues the story of the well known fairy story far beyond its normal ending, to explore the characters of Little Red, her mother, the woodcutter, and the wolf. Written in collaboration with children in Barnsle...
Female Only 18+
Theatre Greater London
30th May 2024
We are casting a TOURING young company for our 2024 ‘Live it down’ school performances. This is a PAID opportunity. We are looking for 4 actors aged 18-30 of any ethnicity to play multiple characters. Actors will be paid a weekly fee based on an hourly rate of £13.15 Including rehearsal and performance hours. 'Live It Down' tells the story...
Dani Thompson
Male Only 14 - 20
Male Only 14 - 20
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Oxfordshire
3rd Jun 2024
We are looking for a male and female model for one days still shoot with a well known photographer in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. The images will be used for the purposes of promoting tourism in The Cotswolds. CASTING PROCESS: We will be casting from your image gallery
Female Tourist
Female Only 22 - 44
Male Tourist
Male Only 22 - 44
Role Play Greater London
27th May 2024
We are currently shooting a narrative music video with an afrobeat Nigerian artist called LAX on Wednesday 29th May to be available for 3/4 hours. Important note: Must come from a Nigerian background and fluent in Yoruba Location: London
African Mother
Female Only 38 - 45 Black - African
Role Play Greater London
27th May 2024
We are currently shooting a narrative music video with an afrobeat Nigerian artist called LAX on Wednesday 29th May to be available for 4 hours. Location: London
Teenage boy
Male Only 14 - 16 Black - African
20th Jun 2024
Online Medical Roleplay Exams. We are looking for actors with medical roleplay experience or a passion to learn.
Online Medical Roleplay
Male Only 50 - 75
Online Medical Roleplay
30 - 39 White Latino / Hispanic
Online Medical Roleplay Exams
Male Only 40 - 55 White Latino / Hispanic
Theatre Greater London
20th Jun 2024
Casting an older (55+) black man for brand new play. Please submit your profile and showreel for consideration.
Male Only 55+ Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Oxfordshire
24th May 2024
We are looking for single parent family with two children aged 5-9 years old. Real families will be considered Shoot date Saturday 8th June 2024
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Oxfordshire
24th May 2024
Actors for various roles to be photographed for a stills tourism shoot in Oxfordshire. Dates you must be available to shoot, as we may require you on any of these ... 10th, or 14th, or 17th, or 18th (One day allocated to each chosen model. If you cannot make any please state in application There will be 2 models per day. Fun sho...
Corporate Oxfordshire
25th May 2024
This is a stills shoot with some very small how to sequences to be filmed. It is to showcase some gardening tools and clothing such as boots or gloves. The dates are set and will not be moved : 11th and 12th of June. One model per day is required. One model may be asked to do two days. The shoot is set within a garden. Your own...
Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Greater London
24th May 2024
Casting Call for A COMEDIC PHYSICAL PERFORMER HERE BETWEEN 4" + 4"11 IN HEIGHT We've all been had by a misleading ad, promising big things and delivering beyond disappointing results... This 'cute puppies for sale' ad really taking the biscuit, when in reality they a duped with a truly feral badger!! hilarity ensues as badger slowly takes over t...
29th May 2024
Casting Experienced Musical Theatre Actors for the arena and theatre tour of ELF THE MUSICAL This will tour major UK theatres and then be supersized for 5 UK arenas and International arenas in Abu Dhabi, Monaco and Ireland. £800 - 1,000 per week minimum for rehearsals and performance plus hotels and travel. Casting Process: We would love t...
Buddy and cover Buddy
Male Only 25 - 35
Debs and cover Jovie
Female Only 22 - 40
Male Only 45 - 55 White

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