Frequently asked questions

How do you verify Employers and Job Posts?

Unlike other platforms, no audition notices will go live on Casting Callback until the employer has been verified and the job notice checked to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Employer Verification - We check employers against a number of criteria. For example they will need a named lead, a verified company, a telephone, email, website and evidence of previous work.

Job Listing Approval - All job listings will have a clear description of the production and the role. It will include accurate times, dates and locations for audition, rehearsal and performance. It will also have a defined salary that, at least, meets national minimum standards.

What is the difference between a Paid Job and a Passion Project?

Paid Jobs - Like any other industry and profession, Actors should be paid to work. We are not judge and jury on how much, this is a personal decision for every actor to make, however, we do ensure that all jobs posted on our service, at the very least, meet the national minimum standards.

Passion Projects - We are also supporters of actors being proactive and creating their own work (many great actors started their careers in fringe theatre or short-films). To assist actors making connections and finding collaborators we have created a space called “Passion Projects”. No commercial organisations will be permitted to post to the Passion Projects board.

What is the price? Do you charge?

There is no fee (and there never will be) to apply to castings. This is part of our FREE FOREVER promise.

There is no fee for employers to post a listing.

You can use Casting Callback for as long as you wish, you can make as many applications as you want and you can land regular paid work on our service. All without having to ever pay.

Some features do have a cost to provide (e.g. hosting additional images and media on your profile and advanced profile analytics, etc.) These features will form part of an Optional Package and will have a fee. There will be no obligation to use this Premium Service and you will always be able to apply to jobs for free, as per our FREE FOREVER promise.

What can I do to help spread the word about Casting Callback
  • We believe that all Professional Actors should get paid to work.
  • We believe that Professional Actors should be able to access audition notices without having to pay.
  • We want to stop corporations profiteering from Actors who are simply trying to make a living.

To start with we need to build a critical mass of Actors on our platform, so that our voice can be heard and the key players in the industry will take notice.

To do this we need your support. Simply spread the word about our mission, share our website across your social media network and together we can make a difference!

Why has my headshot been declined?

All profiles on Casting Callback must have a professional headshot. This is an image of your head and shoulders, facing the camera, with a neutral expression and no props (hats, hands etc.). The image must be a clear and professional image quality photo.

Without a professional headshot your profile will not be activated on our service.

What is your joining criteria for a Professional Actor in the UK?

To be classed as “Professional” on our service you must meet the following criteria:

  • Training - Be trained to RQF level 5 in a Acting course
  • Experience - Have 3 paid, professional, acting credits on your CV

  • Have a professional Headshot

If you do not meet the above criteria yet, then do not worry, you can still use our service as an Emerging Talent. We believe the industry should be open and accessible to all, despite your background or route into Acting.

Once you have achieved the necessary Training or Experience your profile can be re-classified.

Why have I been classified as Emerging Talent?

Emerging Talent on our system are candidates (Over 18) that are yet to meet our Professional Criteria.

Can Emerging Talent apply for roles?

Yes! The very point of our service is to provide access to actors. Emerging Talent can apply to all roles on our platform.

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