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Apply to casting calls and get more auditions for theatre, commercials, digital content, films, print and TV shows. Casting Callback is used by the leading Casting directors and content creators to find and book talent.


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Professional actors deserve to work with professional productions. We verify every employer that uses our service and quality check every casting notice to ensure it meets our professional and safety standards.

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The only thing we love as much as Acting is Tech! Casting Callback has been designed with a combined knowledge of 18 years experience in the Casting Platform industry. We have used our expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with the most advanced Casting Tool on the market.

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Our sophisticated job matching technology will identify and email you all of the latest auditions.

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Apply smarter. See where your job application stands and what part of your profile is attracting the most interest.

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Showcase your talent with a Professional Profile - host your latest headshots, video and voice reels.

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We provide information so you can stay up to date on which agents have open books and how to approach agents.

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Make unlimited Access to the latest Acting Auditions - For Free.

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Use our advanced self-tape technology to submit via our platform.


“Great casting site. Well set out, everything clear and you only get relevant castings. It is everything other sites aren't and it's FREE!”

Roger Conneff
Google Review

“It's crazy how acting is an industry where people have to pay to apply for jobs. Casting Callback is changing this! Finally an organisation taking a stand against this exploitation. Their platform is easy to use and not overly cluttered, with useful simple clear emails notifying of castings generated for your type. Huge thumbs up 👍🏻”

Helen Walling-Richards
Google Review

“I think Casting Callback is a fantastic platform, and I love their ethos, that actors shouldn't have to pay to access job opportunities. Hear hear! The platform is clear, simple to use, my profile looks great and it didn't take long to set up. Come on, everyone, sign up.”

Emily Outred
Google Review

“About to film my first work booked through CC after using for about 2 weeks! Really impressed with the legitimacy and quality of the website and the casting calls they post!”

Alyssa J. Donahue
Google Review

“Simply put, it works. This is proof websites don’t need to rinse actors of their hard earned cash just to see jobs. I signed up after Tree Petts mentioned it at Actors Pro Expo, and now I’m off on a paid national theatre tour all over the UK with the potential of working in China. 11/10 would recommend”

James Glyn

“I have recently cast two productions with the assistance of Casting Callback. Their service was invaluable from start to finish, supplying countless immense talent to me to work from. Also a great hard working team to tailor a casting director’s every need. I would highly recommend Casting Callback to any casting professional out there.”

Geoff Dunlavey

“We used CastingCallback to look for actors for our job advert. It delivered fantastic applications and chose one for our female lead. Looking forward to using it again! Wesley Video Producer”


“This is an amazing platform for actors like me. I have an agent but I also like finding work myself and this platform enables me to be seen and have direct communication with the casting team. I have had one job through Casting Call back and a face to face casting so far- that is within a couple of months of signing up with them. A friendly team who are accessible and available to chat with, makes it even more easy. I highly recommend Casting Callback.”

Anju Crellin

“Big thanks to Casting Callback for making me aware of a casting call for the role of “Eddie/Lamb” for What Now Productions, which led to me landing the role ! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Cheers Luke Harding”

Luke Harding
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Help us make the Acting Industry Fairer

Traditional Casting Platforms hide audition notices behind a paywall and make actors pay to access them. These platforms make millions every year at the expense of hard-working Actors, Agents and Casting Directors. Not only do we believe this practice to be unfair, but by limiting who can see jobs to only those who can afford to pay, the industry becomes less Accessible, particularly to those from less affluent backgrounds, less Diverse, less Inclusive and less Equitable. Casting Callback, with the help of Actors, Agents, Casting Directors, Unions and Associations of the Acting Industry, is on a mission to change this!

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