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Commercial (TV, Online, Still) Toronto
26th Apr 2024
Details: We are seeking dynamic talents with exceptional acting prowess and performing experience for an immersive Mobile Game commercial shoot. Candidates should possess captivating North American accents and be adept at executing low-impact movements with finesse. You will be required to deliver lines and perform based on game clips and scripts,...
19 - 35
Film (Short / Student) Nipissing District
5th May 2024
Synopsis Late one night, brother and sister duo Eddie and Darla are holed up in a motel room when they get a call - “Can you do a job tonight?” Darla says they can. What they DO is the strange part – They are “Haunt Rechargers”, restoring ghostly presences to haunted places, for a fee. Mr. Carr assures them he can pay. And so, of a dark and...
Male Only 20 - 30 White
8 - 10

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