Stories and playtime go hand in hand, sparking magic and a sense of wonder in children. In this series of films, we explore how LEGO can allow kids to unlock their creativity through play and how it can be a powerful tool to bond parents and children. We are now casting the second and third episodes. These focus on LEGO Disney and LEGO Vehicle s...
8 - 12
24th Mar 2023
A film about filmmaking and the cost of ambition. LAPEL is about how art affects life, how life affects art and the sacrifices made in the process. LAPEL is a closely observed drama about an ambitious sound recordist, Lydia, who buries herself in work to avoid responsibilities at home. Lydia’s outlook starts to shift when a young actor, Ellie...
Female Only 35 - 45
Female Only 20 - 30
Male Only 35 - 50
The Director
Male Only 25 - 45
The Husband
Male Only 35 - 45
3rd Apr 2023
Casting a 5 minute short film titled "The Magician's Garden". A moody art house piece based on a short story by Hungarian writer Géza Csáth. Three old friends revisit a mysterious garden from their childhood, located on a dark street on the edge of their village. As they peer through a pair of rusty gates into said garden, and at the rundown ove...
Male Only 24 - 27
Male Only 24 - 27
Male Only 24 - 27
3rd Apr 2023
Vancouver in the 90s witnessed a renaissance. Hip Hop was playing on boomboxes and every other kid was busting rhymes on what they saw around them. Racism and oppression was the catalyst for the rise of Punjabi gangs. We experience the very birth of this violent drug fuelled era which eventually changed the moral fabric of the land. Gangsters decl...
Female Only 25 - 30
Male Only 42 - 45
Male Only 48 - 52
Subbu (South Indian Young Boy)
Male Only 22 - 25
Bao (Chinese Drug Dealer)
Male Only 50 - 52
Male Only 40 - 45
Male Only 42 - 50
Antonio (Mexican Drug Lord)
Male Only 25 - 30
Luca (Drug Dealer)
Male Only 50 - 52
Chang (Chinese Drug Dealer)
Male Only 35 - 40
Male Only 40 - 42
9th Apr 2023
Casting "Body Worn Video," a short film. Synopsis: When two police officers at the end of their shift are called to an abandoned house to save a child in distress, they soon realize they have been caught in an unholy trap. Production states: "We are looking for two very strong actors for this exciting found footage short film. The two actors would...
Adel Enoch
Female Only 18 - 34 Black - African
Cane Nod
Male Only 30 - 50 White - Other
31st Mar 2023
After the success hit of Your Christmas or Mine (2022), we are making the sequel for Amazon Prime. James and Hayley are gearing up for their second Christmas as a couple and that can only mean one thing. More mayhem with the Taylor and Hughes family! James’s Father has invited The Taylors to spend Christmas in a luxury ski resort in the Frenc...
Male Only 10 - 12 Mixed - White and Black African Mixed - White and Black Caribbean
Omar Khan, in association with Derby Theatre, is producing the regional premiere of Anne Washburne’s ‘Mr Burns: A Post Electric Play’ to be performed in Derby’s Studio space. The play focuses on a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic America who attempt to re-create an episode of The Simpsons in a world where pop culture has been lost to th...
Colleen / Scratchy
Female Only 30 - 40
Sam / Mr Burns
Male Only 45 - 60
Matt / Homer Simpson
Male Only 18 - 30
Gibson / Bart Simpson
Male Only 25 - 35
Jenny / Lisa Simpson
Female Only 18 - 25
Maria / Itchy
22 - 28
30th Mar 2023
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Iona’s eagerly anticipated sister ship ARVIA, joined the P&O Cruises fleet in December 2022 and is heading for the sunshine. SkyDome is a unique venue aboard ship and for which 4 new 30 min shows have been commissioned! The ideal candidates would be committed, versatile and creative company members keen to perform t...
30th Mar 2023
Casting "The She-E," a dark fantasy short film. Synopsis: Confronted with the cursed truth of her bloodline, a mighty and fair elf runs from herself and her fate. Stemmed from her deep-rooted fears, sorrow, and regret, she runs from the burning rage long dormant inside her, that simmers under the surface of almost everything she does. The story...
9 - 16
Young Boy
Male Only 7 - 15
Young She-Elf
Female Only 9 - 16
Seeking a young female who has experience working on a building site as a tradesperson for a photoshoot showcasing clothing of a popular UK workwear brand.
Young Female Trade Apprentice
Female Only 18 - 25
PRIYA, a 27-year-old, corporate financial risk analyst with prodigious mathematical ability, lives in London with her boyfriend. Their boss, Andrew, tells Priya about the use of tokens and the ability for their company to access these logs making money invisible. Their evening is cut short when she gets a call from India informing her about the new...
Mystery Man
Male Only 30 - 35
Nazneen's colleague
Male Only 24 - 25
Korean Man 1
Male Only 35 - 45
Mystery Man's Ally
Male Only 30 - 32
24th Mar 2023
Casting a demo shoot for a tech product, for global brand.
Male Only 18 - 35
Female Only 18 - 35
Welcome to the Moulin Rouge! Moulin Rouge! The Musical — the stage musical version of Baz Luhrmann’s legendary Australian film MOULIN ROUGE! was developed over a period of ten years by Global Creatures. 
The Australian theatrical producing company assembled a phenomenally talented creative team to bring the iconic film to the stage. Book wr...
The Duke
Male Only 30 - 40
La Chocolat
Female Only 20 - 30 Black - African Black - Caribbean Black - Other
Female Only 30 - 39
Male Only 40 - 60
Female Only 20 - 30
Male Only 30 - 39
Satine Alternate
Female Only 30 - 40
Baby Doll
20 - 30
Female Only 30 - 40
Male Only 20 - 34
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
Male Only 30 - 45
We've built a fun and engaging online entertainment product to help people come together during the current worldwide lockdown. Your job will entail: Leading the event as an entertainment host through video chat. You will be trained and then booked for multiple events based on your schedule. Each event will last about 30 minutes. We will train you...
Seeking someone who is comfortable working on a building site as a tradesperson for a photoshoot showcasing storage products of a popular UK trade brand.
A drama, set in the near the future. We follow young military spouse Penelope after her partner is declared missing in action and the unresolved grief she faces.
Female Only 35 - 60
27th Mar 2023
Short film BOXER'S BREAK follows Carl, a retired boxer around his home town at night, talking to himself / camera on his past regrets. A funny yet poignant story of walking on the wild side. To be recorded over night. Middlesbrough, UK. June 3rd and 4th 2023. Casting director contact via Twitter @Geoff_Dunlavey or email [email protected]
Male Only 20 - 35
We are thrilled to now be casting five separate regional casts for second year of The Mad Hatters Circus Tour following great success in 2022. The Mad Hatters Circus Tour is the classic Alice in Wonderland story with a unique twist, featuring circus, aerial, illusion and special effects. The show has a 15-minute pre show, with the main show last...
Female Only 18 - 35
The Mad Hatter
Male Only 18 - 35
The Queen of Hearts
Female Only 18 - 35
A fun scripted interactive Murder Mystery for a small audience. Lots of room to improvise and have fun. We are looking for actors within one hour of FISHGUARD, PEMBROKSHIRE. It's an evening job and lasts max 3 hours. Great comedy skills, lots of energy and a desire to ensure clients have a great time is vital for us.
Baroness Ionna Fleet
Female Only 25 - 70
27th Mar 2023
We are producing a pilot radio production here in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK to be distributed across several networks already advertising for pilot or new material. Penned by Steven Storey, Trouble in Tune takes a look at the lives and loves of a band, their management and a certain regular public house. Eleven characters to cast, no one can double u...
Male Only 30 - 50 White - British
Female Only 30 - 50 White - British
Male Only 30 - 50 White - British
Male Only 30 - 50 White - British
Male Only 20 - 40 White - British White - Irish
Male Only 20 - 40 White - British
Female Only 18 - 50 White - British White - Irish White - Other
DI Harper
Female Only 45 - 65 White - British Mixed - White and Black Caribbean Mixed - Other
Male Only 25 - 45

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